Our Commitment to the Environment Starts Here

Upclose of the MicroTerry cloth of a Nomadix Towel.

Sustainability is woven into who we are and what we make.

That’s why we are committed to reducing our impact on the planet by creating durable and versatile products, using recycled materials, manufacturing responsibly, and collaborating for change.
A man hanging up two Nomadix towels between trees on a wire.

Millions of plastic bottles recycled and counting.

Our commitment to the environment begins with repurposing post-consumer recycled materials to make all of our products. Those recycled materials are transformed into premium fibers durable enough to hang with you through any adventure so you can own less and do more.

Sustainability isn't optional.


Two people get ready to paddleboard at the edge of a stream with Nomadix towels around them.

Simplifying Adventure.
Creating Less Waste.

With the most useful towel on the planet

Meet MicroTerry™

Small loops, big performance, always recycled. MicroTerry™ is a revolutionary Nomadix fabric technology used across our multiple product lines. Our fabrics are certified through the Global Recycle Standard by meeting supply chain requirements and environmental principles.

Super Absorbent

Absorbs 4x it's weight in water to take care of all your drying needs.

Running gear, including a backpack with a Nomadix towel sticking out of it.

Packs Small

Roll up or flat pack to fit more in your bag. Store three towels where you used to store one.

A person stands with the underside of a Nomadix towel.

Soft Hand Feel

Premium and soft, without breaking the bank. Some call it the "Rolls-Royce of towels."

A person hanging up three Nomadix towels between trees on a wire.


Small loops and a tight weave decreases drying time. Hang in the breeze and it’s ready in minutes.

A person shaking the sand off of a Nomadix towel.


Tiny loops block sand and grit from getting trapped in the fabric. Don’t bring the beach home with you.

A person practicing yoga on Nomadix towel.

Mind-Bending Versatility

Designed to perform for travel, beach, camping, yoga, and anything else you can throw at it.

Collaborating for Change

Nomadix understands the importance of coming together to better our planet. Our partnerships with organizations like the Surfrider Foundation and Fifty-Nine Parks not only help us make inspiring new products, but a portion of sales goes directly back to environmental causes. Be a part of the change with us. Join the likes of Subaru, New Belgium, Patagonia and more by collaborating with Nomadix for custom made towels featuring your design.
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