Beyond Festival Season

Shop essentials for a day outdoors.

Your gear shouldn't weight you down. Whether you're headed to a music festival or out to a picnic, our lightweight & durable towels and blankets were made to take with you on any outdoor adventure.


Festival Blankets

Dirt can hurt, but we've got you covered. The extra-wide Festival Blanket was designed to take with you to any music festival or outdoor activity.
• Anchoring Corners
• Sand-Resistant
• Water-Resistant Base
• Packs Small
• Lightweight
• Durable

Bandana Towels

The most versatile bandana out there to wipe away sweat on-the-go and protect you from the sun.
• UPF 50+
• Super Absorbent
• Odor-Resistant
• Quick-Drying
• Lightweight
• Butter Soft

Puffer Blankets

The Puffer Blanket adapts to any outdoor adventure, keeping you warm wherever you go.
• Snappy Versatility™
• Packs Small
• Lightweight
• Machine Washable
• Water Resistant
• Anchoring Corners