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We are Climate Neutral.

The health and sustainability of our planet has been our priority since day one.

The textile industry is responsible for 10% of all global carbon emissions. To put into perspective, that is more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined.

We believe that all businesses have a great responsibility and should take ownership for their impact on the planet. Through the great work of our team, we received our Climate Neutral Certification by offsetting our full 2021 greenhouse gas emissions.

Our commitment to the environment means sustainable materials and carbon neutral operations.

our footprint

On our journey to climate neutrality, we measured our 2021 carbon footprint by partnering with Climate Neutral to log and convert our data into emissions — from the start of our supply chain, to packaging products, and yes, even counting every towel that left our warehouse and ended up in your hands.

We are paving a path toward a more sustainable future.

We offset 3,892 metric tons of CO2 emissions

Reaching Climate Neutrality means we’re removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere at the same rate that we’re emitting them. We offset 100% of our emissions with the help of two partner organizations, BEF and to support renewable energy and forestry projects. 

But being neutral isn't enough.

Offsetting is a temporary fix, which is why we’re committed to further action toward positive environmental change. With the Nomadix Roadmap to Sustainability and a bold list of commitments, we plan to cut our emissions in half by 2025. Next steps? Holding ourselves accountable for our impact.

Roadmap to Sustainability

Three Action Items for Change


Reduce air freight shipping emissions by 50% in the next two years.


Transition to at least 50% renewable energy at our HQ office and warehouse.


Remove 100% of virgin plastic from our production in the next year.