How to Backpack the Lakeshore Trail to Stehekin With Eva Seelye

How to Backpack the Lakeshore Trail to Stehekin With Eva Seelye

Stehekin is a small, remote community at the northern end of Lake Chelan, accessible only by boat, floatplane, or my personal favorite, by foot. I set off last weekend on a 19-mile one-way backpacking trip along the stunning shore of Lake Chelan with a few friends. Here's what to pack for the adventure and how to backpack this wildflower-filled trail yourself!

Save these tips from adventure photographer, @evangelea, for your next trip to Washington state.


Adventure photographer, @evangelea, ready for a backpacking trip.

What to Pack

• Your 10 essentials (navigation, headlamp, sun protection, first aid, knife, fire, tent, extra food, water, clothes)

• Water shoes. You'll want to free the toes after your first 11.5-mile day and go for a swim!

• A lightweight, super absorbent, odor resistant, quick-drying towel that packs down small. Whether you're drying your feet after a river crossing, staying warm after a plunge in the lake, or giving your body a "hippy shower," a quick-drying lightweight towel is a MUST. I brought @nomadixco's Bandana and Ultralight towels!

• A water filter. There are plenty of streams and a few lake access points along the trail. Save yourself some water weight and fill up along the way!


Tips for Backpacking the Lakeshore Trail

• Snag a Lady of the Lake ferry ticket (early!!) from Fields Point Landing to Prince Creek: the start of the Lakeshore Trail. I recommend taking the 9:30am ferry to arrive as early as possible. You have a long first day ahead!

• We spent the first night at Moore Camp about 11.5 miles up-lake from Prince Creek.

• There's not a lot of shade, so drink lots of water and have some solid sun protection!

• If you're only doing a one-night backpacking trip like we did, head out on the last 7 miles early enough to spend a little time in Stehekin! They have a killer bakery, a restaurant, and gift shop. If you can, spend an extra night to enjoy the little town. It has a ton of adventures of its own!

 Always remember to Leave No Trace and happy adventuring!



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