Interview With Pro Surfer Sawyer Lindblad

Interview With Pro Surfer Sawyer Lindblad

Nomadix Ambassador Sawyer Lindblad is a fast-rising professional surfer who honed her craft in the historic surfing lineups of San Clemente, California. At just 16 years of age, Sawyer is turning heads with explosive maneuvers, a bright smile, and a fierce competitive nature. After Sawyer won the first World Qualifying Series she ever entered, she went on to earn a place in the highly competitive Challenger Series this past August.

We stopped by her home to chat as she packed her bags for her first European competition, the MEO Pro, held in Ericeira, Portugal, and her next step to WSL dreams.


Q: Have you ever been to Europe before?

Lindblad: Nope.

Q: Which event on the challenger series are you most excited for?

Lindblad: I’m most excited about the Portugal event.

Q: Why Portugal?

Lindblad: Because the rights look really really fun and I will go right.

Q: Portugal is known for sardines; will you try them?

Lindblad:  No, I don’t like seafood.

Q: How many boards are you bringing?

Lindblad: I think I’ll bring… five probably. I need to bring step-ups for Portugal because I heard it’s pretty big there.

Q: Do you speak Portuguese?

Lindblad:  No.

Q: Besides drying off, how else do you use your Nomadix towels?

Lindblad:  I use them to wash Ranger, my dog, off.

Q: How can people watch the event?

Lindblad: They can watch me compete on the Challenger series by going on the WSL and it will be live there.

Q: Do you travel with any other environmentally conscious products?

Lindblad: I try to. Some countries don’t have big water containers where you can buy a huge jug of water, but I try to bring like Hydroflask or something.

Q: What is your favorite Nomadix product?

Lindblad: I like the ponchos, especially this one.

Q: What are the waves like in Portugal?

Lindblad: So in Portugal, it is going to be a right-hand point break. You know, I haven’t really looked at it that much, but I’m excited to get there and see how it is.



We wish Sawyer & all the surfers competing the best of luck!