Staff Picks

We don't play favorites around here, but if we do, these would be our top picks for summer.

Founder & CPO

Chace P.

"When we started Nomadix, the first product I sketched out ideas for was an everyday bag. This fanny pack is a dream come true. A bag I can use while hiking, biking or skiing."
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Sales Operation Manager

Elise Y.

"My all-time favorite Nomadix product is the Puffer Blanket! It’s multi-functional; I bring it with me on camping trips, beach days, and kids' sporting events. The best part is that it also keeps my family and me warm on cool summer evenings. I keep one in the trunk of my car and find new ways to use it all the time."
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Digital Designer

Simon S.

"My favorite summer product is the Bandana Towel. I use it almost every day, and have one for my dog to use after a spontaneous river swim or a roll in the dirt. I even had them custom made as gifts for my wedding guests."
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Executive Assistant to the CEO

Evyn B.

“I love the Festival Blanket! It’s great for stretching out at the beach, picnicking at the park, or taking a break at a festival. I also love using it as an outdoor table cloth because the material absorbs spills and is easy to clean.”
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