Yellowstone Wolf Project Wolf in Yellowstone National Park

Nomadix Announces Partnership With Yellowstone Wolf Project

Proceeds of new Mystic: Wolf Towel will benefit crucial research about wolves


Nomadix, the California-based Social Purpose Corporation that specializes in responsibly manufactured multi-purpose towels and ponchos, has announced a partnership with the Yellowstone Wolf Project, whose work in overseeing research and monitoring of wolves in Yellowstone National Park has become a model in ecological restoration.  

Nomadix Mystic: Wolf Towel & Sticker

Nomadix will donate $5 of every online sale of the Mystic: Wolf Towel to the Yellowstone Wolf Project.  


Yellowstone Wolf Project Pack At Blacktail Pond

Wolf Pack At Blacktail Pond. Photo by Jim Peaco. Provided by Yellowstone Wolf Project.


“We believe it’s the responsibility of a business to reduce its impact on the environment and to contribute to tangible projects that help restore our vulnerable ecosystems. We love Yellowstone, and want to bring attention (and funds) to the important work that is being done to protect the original stewards of the land, wolves,” said Zack Helminiak, CEO at Nomadix. 


One of America’s most important predators, wolves roamed the landscape and influenced the ecosystem for thousands of years. By the late 1920s, wolves were eradicated from Yellowstone in an effort by the U.S. government to tame the wilderness. Along with the removal of other carnivores like cougars and bears, this action had a profound effect on Yellowstone. In the absence of carnivores, elk numbers boomed which resulted in significant changes in vegetation. Beavers became increasingly rare, and food web dynamics were significantly altered. With the loss of the wolf, the park was missing a keystone species that altered the structure and function of the entire ecosystem.[1] 


White Wolf of Canyon Pack in Yellowstone National Park for The Yellowstone Wolf Project

Alpha Female Wolf Of Canyon Pack. Photo by Neal Herbert. Provided by Yellowstone Wolf Project.


In 1995, 14 gray wolves were relocated from Canada to Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley, kicking off 25 years of the most detailed studies of a large carnivore in the world. The year-round field research has helped biologists gain data on a broad range of topics, including population dynamics, social behavior, genetics, ecosystem impacts, and more. The work serves Yellowstone National Park’s mission to understand and preserve native species and ecological processes, and informs wolf conservation efforts worldwide.[1]


“Nomadix makes products that are meant to be enjoyed outdoors, and we care about protecting the places that we recreate,” said Eric Mehlberg, Marketing Manager at Nomadix. ”As a Social Purpose Corporation, we think it’s an exciting opportunity to collaborate with one of our favorite parks to support an important conservation effort.”

 Yellowstone Wolf Project Wolf Near Entrance Of Artist Paints Pots In Yellowstone National Park

Wolf Near Entrance Of Artist Paints Pots In Yellowstone National Park. Photo by Jacob W Frank. Provided by Yellowstone Wolf Project.


Your support of the project helps fund seasonal research associates, biological technicians, the wolf capture program, disease monitoring equipment, and lab work. All of this ensures the future health and stability of Yellowstone’s famous wolves. 

Wolf b-roll footage
Footage of Yellowstone Wolves. Provided by Yellowstone Wolf Project.


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About The Yellowstone Wolf Project

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[1] “Yellowstone Wolf Project.” Yellowstone Forever, September 7, 2021.