Full Interview With Nomadix Co-Founder Hunter Robinson On Seventh Anniversary

Full Interview With Nomadix Co-Founder Hunter Robinson On Seventh Anniversary



Catching up with the co-founder about abolishing plastic waste in the oceans, his go-to road trip snack, & the milestone he is most proud of.


Q: What will happen to Nomadix when you use up all of the post-consumer goods?

Robinson: Probably convert Nomadix to a brewery because there would be a lot for the world to celebrate about. Plus Zack, Chace and I also love good beer!


Q: How do you think about sustainability in your day-to-day life?

Robinson: The sustainability issue, to me, really falls on business leaders and the fact that they have the power to influence people and the investment capital to change our current trajectory quickly.

Consumers want the changes to be made and I hope we are going to see a really fast swing to more eco-friendly packaging, renewable energy sources and more efficient logistics. At Nomadix, we take the responsibility personally.

We have given up plastic bags for our products, we are proud members of 1% For The Planet, and really try to invest in organizations that are fighting the good fight to help heal our environment like The Conservation Alliance. Consumers, on the other hand, should have a personal goal to own less and do more!

Q: Any surprising milestones that the Nomadix team has passed over the last seven years?

Robinson: I love that we went through the classic story of starting in a garage, moving to a house with a garage, and now into our second building and warehouse, and getting through COVID with the entire team intact plus some!

Other than that, I think the milestone I'm most proud of is the fact that we have had a 100% retention rate at Nomadix over these seven years. Watching the team grow in their professional and personal lives has been a trip too and it's cool to be able to be a part of those milestones in people's lives.


Reminiscing About The Road Trip That Started It All


Q: Who drove the car the most?

Robinson: I drove the car the entire time. 


Q: What was the record for the person that went longest without a shower?

Robinson: There were no showers for a month, mainly a washcloth and some Dr. Bronner’s. But we found a great spring in the backcountry of Zion that was a lifesaver. We obviously found the importance of having a good towel!


Q: Who was able to sleep anywhere when on the road? 

Robinson: I think we are all pretty good at sleeping, but Zack is the best napper and needs his beauty rest more than Chace and I. 


Q: What was the go-to snack of the trip?

Robinson: We were super broke and had a cheap half-gallon bottle of E&J Brandy that no one drank over the winter, so that is what we drank on the trip with some green tea. I have to be honest–I haven't had brandy since, but it was awesome every night next to our fire!


Q: What was one thing you learned about yourself from the trip?

Robinson: It really was a great stoic mental exercise in the fact that I was happier than ever with less money and possessions than I ever had. I really found out that nothing is really better than being in nature with a campfire and friends!