Full Interview With Nomadix Co-Founder Chace Petersen On Seventh Anniversary

Full Interview With Nomadix Co-Founder Chace Petersen On Seventh Anniversary


Catching up with the co-founder about sustainability, Nomadix milestones, & the road trip that started it all


Q: Why is it important to print designs on Nomadix towels and ponchos instead of using dyes?

Petersen: Traditional dying processes generate enormous amounts of toxic wastewater. So much that the rivers and waterways near factories that use these processes turn the color of that day's dye. Additionally, those inks are full of heavy metals that eventually find their way into the food supply. It's not good for the local communities. 

Q: How do you think about sustainability in your day-to-day life?

Petersen: I'm always asking myself if I need things or if I want them. How will those things enhance my life? Will it bring more clutter to my life? Is this something that will last a long time or is it a flash in the pan? What will I do with it when I’m done with it? The less you need, the more sustainable you are. 

Q: Any surprising milestones that the Nomadix team has passed over the last seven years?

Petersen: Getting a professional quality ping pong table in the warehouse and then proceeding to dominate the game – minus Hunter, he's too good. In my defense, he has a table at home as well, so he gets way more time in. 


Reminiscing About The Road Trip That Started It All


Q: Who drove the car the most?

Petersen: Hunter was the designated driver. I shared one of the other two seats with Zack or our friend Meryl. The rest of the seats were filled with camping and ski gear. That's how we figured out we needed less stuff, haha.


Q: Who was the most organized on the trip?

Petersen: I’m not sure. Probably Zack. He seems to be the most organized in general. 


Q: What was the go-to snack of the trip?

Petersen: Sardines and crackers. Sometimes avocado.


Q: What was one thing you learned about yourself from the trip?

Petersen: I love exploring the West. There are so many great places to discover out there.