Inside The Nomadix Rebrand

Inside The Nomadix Rebrand

Launching in 2015, after three friends embarked on a cross-country camping trip in a crammed Subaru, Nomadix began producing towels, ponchos, and festival blankets made with post-consumer recycled materials that were space-saving, versatile and built to last.

In 2021 alone, Nomadix diverted 12.7M plastic bottles from landfills, saved 1.7M gallons of wastewater, and conserved 1.8M KWH of energy while manufacturing its products, according to their Social Purpose Corporation Year in Review.

It’s been seven years since Nomadix debuted and as the business matures, the decision to update the look and feel was an obvious one. The visual change for the brand started with the logo.

Drawings of the original Nomadix logo.


The original design was a simple drawing to represent a mountain range and the water that reflected the mountains. “We’ve never really explained the origin of the logo,” said Zack Helminiak, CEO. “The outdoors were and still are so important to us, so it represents our origin story and our commitment to the environment.” 

The new logo is bolder, with softer edges and a look that appeals to a wider audience - representative of the wide array of activities that Nomadix customers enjoy. It represents a commitment to the environment, and the fresh, forward-thinking innovation that Nomadix has planned for the future. Currently, Nomadix not only prints their designs instead of dyeing, which produces harmful wastewater, but also manufactures with post-consumer recycled materials instead of using virgin materials.

For example, Nomadix uses around 30 recycled plastic bottles to build its Original Towel and only a small percent of that (less than 15%) is virgin material, used to increase yarn strength. “We are actively working toward our goal of achieving 100% post-consumer recycled materials in all products,” said Helminiak.


Nomadix has also been working towards becoming Climate Neutral certified by April 2022

The company continues to look for local groups to partner with and give back to, such as The Ecology Center Nourishing Neighbor’s program & Hobie’s Fragile Ocean to raise environmental awareness around our oceans. Additionally, Nomadix is part of The Conservation Alliance, whose collective contributions support grassroots environmental organizations and their efforts to protect wild places where outdoor enthusiasts recreate.

“Nomadix is growing, reaching new audiences, and continuing to bring fresh, innovative ideas to people who want to live a more adventurous life. Our new logo represents that vision for the future of the company, and the future of how a company should be a steward for the environment. It’s a vision that our customers and community support, and that our employees are proud to work on every day," said Helminiak.