Nomadix Announces Commitment to Become Climate Neutral Certified in 2022

Nomadix Announces Commitment to Become Climate Neutral Certified in 2022


Climate change is one of the most urgent and current issues that we all face on our planet. While it is necessary for individuals to do their part, systematic change needs to happen on a large scale, with corporations also doing their part to facilitate change.

This week, Nomadix will be kicking off the certification process by measuring their direct and indirect emissions, like how they heat and cool their offices, usage of electricity, and the manufacturing process.

"We're thrilled to have Nomadix commit to this journey," said Austin Whitman, CEO of Climate Neutral Certified, an independent non-profit which not only certifies companies that are taking responsibility for their carbon emissions but also gives consumers a way to find them. "Soon they will join our growing list of certified companies that are proving that we're living in a new era of leadership on climate by top brands."

For Nomadix CEO and Co-Founder Zack Helminiak, the road to becoming climate neutral made sense. "Sustainability falls on business leaders," said Helminiak. "We want to run a company that stands for solving environmental problems, not contributing to them."

For Nomadix, the process starts by measuring their 2021 carbon footprint, then building a plan to offset it in its entirety, and then implementing plans to reduce future emissions. 

"At a time when consumers are paying more attention to the sources and methods of the things they buy, we're working to make climate labeling front and center. It's great to welcome Nomadix to the group of brands working to achieve Climate Neutral certification during 2022," said Whitman. "In the months ahead, they'll be taking steps to measure and offset their greenhouse gas emissions in a way that all businesses should be doing. Climate change is here, and immediate action is crucial."

Nomadix will be providing updates throughout the year on its journey towards certification.


About Climate Neutral Certified

Climate Neutral Certified was born out of the direct experience of two founding organizations, BioLite and Peak Design, which have been carbon neutral since 2012 and 2018. They knew first-hand that every business contributes to climate change, but most businesses find it too complicated to do anything about it. They work to eliminate global carbon emissions by getting brands to measure, offset, and reduce the carbon they emit. They believe consumers and brands must work together to drive the world toward the zero net emissions future that science tells us we urgently need.

They built a simple set of tools and a certification that makes carbon footprinting more accessible, sets clear guidelines for carbon offsetting, and inspires brands to work on reducing emissions directly. 

For more information about Climate Neutral Certified, visit


About Nomadix®

California-based Nomadix launched in 2015 with The Only Towel You Need® – a multi-purpose towel that performs for any activity, including travel, yoga, boating, and at the beach. Nomadix understands that the environmental footprint of the products people buy will have an impact on the planet that lasts longer than we will. A commitment to discovering durable, multi-purpose, responsibly manufactured solutions that will leave the planet better than we found it is part of its ethos – Own less. Do more. Today Nomadix is carried in major retailers in the United States, including REI, West Marine, and Boardriders and distributed in 31 countries around the world. Visit for more information.