Should I Bring a Towel to the Gym? The Benefits of Having Your Own

Should I Bring a Towel to the Gym? The Benefits of Having Your Own

A good workout means you're going to sweat a lot. In fact, the average person sweats between 0.8 liters to 1.4 liters during an hour of exercise. That sweat can seriously mess up your workout.

Bringing a gym towel to the gym is one of the first pieces of advice you'll get from other gym-goers & most people consider a towel as one of the essential components of your gym bag alongside a water bottle and gym clothes. As such, you'll want to bring them every time you go. 

Here's why you should always have a sweat towel on you during your workout and what types are available. 

Why Should I Bring a Towel to the Gym? Workout Towel Benefits

A towel is one of the most underrated objects that everyone uses every day. You can lay it out to provide a clean surface to do your stretches on or use it to wipe away any sweat or dirt from your body or the gym equipment.

One of the main benefits of owning a gym towel is how absorbent they are. A few pats should be enough to wick away any moisture.

You can also use your gym towel to dry off equipment you've used before reaching for a wet wipe. They dry quickly and remain fresh for multiple uses, which helps as you make your way around the gym. 

Often, the towels people bring to their workouts are smaller and more portable. That way you can easily store them in your bag and whip them out whenever you need to dry off. In addition, smaller towels are easier to hang up on a treadmill or tuck away in your back pocket. 

Most importantly, sports towels are made tougher and more durable than shower towels. Expect them to last a long time without fraying or coming apart on you. Since they dry quicker than other towels, you also don't have to worry about the moisture soaking into your bag. 

Types & Sizes of Gym Towels

Once you've answered the question, "Should I get a gym towel?", you'll need to decide on the type and size is best for your situation. 

Some gym towels are better for at-home workouts, while others provide more portability. There's also a difference between the ones you might have hanging in your bathroom and the ones people take to the gym. 

1. Bath Towels

Normal bath towels are way too large to take into a gym setting. Even if they'll dry you more effectively than a smaller one, they take up too much space. However, they're a fine option if you're working out at home. 

2. Hand Towels

Hand towels are intended for drying your hands and are much smaller than bath towels as a result. These can make for a good option for the gym, except they're usually made of the same material as a bath towel. That material may not be as durable as a sports towel or dry as quickly. 

3. Small Towels for the Gym

The best towel option for the gym is smaller than a bath towel and larger than a hand towel. They often go by the names sports towel, mini towel, or sweat towel. Due to their size, these towels are appropriate for all kinds of different fitness-related activities.

A good example of a gym towel is the Nomadix mini towel, which is 16"x40", slip-resistant, super absorbent, and made from post-consumer recycled materials. 

Fabric Material

The type of fabric your sweat towel is made out of will determine how well it performs. Two of the main ones you'll need to decide between are cotton and microfiber

Cotton is easy to clean, very breathable, absorbs water well, and is soft to the touch. However, it can shrink, wrinkle, and may take a longer time to dry than other materials. 

Microfiber is well-known for its moisture-wicking capabilities, dries quickly, and is more resistant to damage. The downside is that it may not absorb sweat as well as cotton, and it may feel rougher depending on the weave. Nomadix’s MicroTerry is a uniquely-made microfiber, which is both soft and absorbent like cotton, but incredibly quick-drying. Plus, it is made from post-consumer recycled plastics, which means that they take the plastic waste out of our environment to be reused in a revolutionary new way.

Caring for Your Gym Towels

Workout towels get exceptionally dirty, especially since you wipe yourself down with them before you step into the shower. 

Wash your gym towel after every single use, even if you only went for a thirty-minute run. That sweat can easily accumulate bacteria which you'll then end up wiping on your face and body the next time it's used. Nomadix towels are easy to wash in any situation, even with a touch of hand soap and water, and they dry out very quickly so you’ll always be ready for the next workout.


Don't Let Sweat Interrupt Your Workout

By this point, you should know the answer to the question, "Should I bring a towel to the gym?" If you're the type of person that loves to work out at home and doesn't go to the gym, then you can use any towel you like. However, those who go for runs or make use of their local gym need something portable and effective, hence the benefits of owning a workout towel.

Nomadix stocks multiple products fit for every adventure. Their mini towels work great at the beach, in the gym, and wherever else you need them.