AI vs Local Expert : A Perfect Day In San Clemente, CA

AI vs Local Expert : A Perfect Day In San Clemente, CA

At Nomadix, we know how lucky we are to work in San Clemente. The beach is our literal back yard, giving us choice surfing opportunities almost year round. Our friends and fam always ask us what they should do whenever they come to visit, so it got us thinking - what makes the perfect day in San Clemente? 

Does it start at San Onofre beach, with an early morning surf session? Or what about filling up with a steaming cup of java at High Tide Coffee? What about Pizza Port, Lowers, The Cellar, or The Vine?

So we made a list. And decided to make it a bit more fun by pitting a local expert against ChatGPT to see which could put together the most epic day. A few of our (lucky) team members set out for two days filled with local eats, drinks, and adventures to determine which list was superior, the AI or the local expert.

The catch? They don't know at the start which list is which.

Check out the video below to watch it all unfold and let us know what your perfect day in San Clemente looks like!


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