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Changing Poncho: Pinstripes Multi


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$ 69.95

Your favorite towel, now in a poncho

Whether you need to change before surfing, after wakeboarding, or just want to cozy up around the fire, the Nomadix Changing Poncho is a versatile, classic poncho that everyone will love. Shop this rainbow-striped changing poncho today. 

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Made with certified post-consumer recycled materials.

The Solution to Easy, On-the-Go Changing.

The half poncho, half towel designed to keep you warm and dry before and after any activity.



We took the performance of our original towels and built a changing poncho, perfect for changing on the go.

  • Super Absorbent
  • Quick-Dry
  • Sand-Resistant
  • Funk-Resistant
  • Sewn Up Sides For Privacy


4x its weight in water

Sewn Up Sides

Don't bare it all when changing on the go


Size: M/L : 43"L x 31"W | S/M 40"L x 31"W | XS 35"L x 28"W

Weight: M/L : 28.8oz | S/M 23.3oz | XS 25.6oz

90% Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester

MicroTerry™ Technology

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1 Changing Poncho =
18 Plastic Bottles

Made with Certified Post-Consumer Recycled Materials

Made For Easy Changing

Quick Dry

Small loop and a tight weave decrease drying time. Hang in the breeze and our Microterry technology is dry in minutes.

Super Absorbent

Absorbs 4x its weight water to take care of all your drying needs.


Own less and do more with the 2 in 1 functionality of the half poncho, half towel Changing Poncho.





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